SQY Care - Covid

SQY Care Coronavirus Update

Our biggest goal throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is to ensure that all of our services remain safe. These are unprecedented times, and we are doing our utmost best to ensure that the guidelines and procedures that we put in place follow the latest advice from the Government, Public Health England, and the United Kingdom Home Care Association. This includes the adequate provision, as well as the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Within the unsettling times we find ourselves in, we appreciate that many of you may have questions about how our Home Care is being delivered. We will continue to be completely transparent with you, so that you are feeling reassured with the knowledge that you are being looked after safely.

It is equally important for our Care Givers to feel they are working within a safe environment. Our Care Givers have participated in Infection control prevention training, and as an ongoing measure, we are refreshing their understanding on an ongoing basis. Our Care Givers have also been trained in the importance of safeguarding individuals, especially around isolation.

For more information on how we are working on keeping our services safe and effective, please feel free to email us.

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