SQY Care Aims

At SQY Care, we aim to provide a person-centred approach to each of our individual Service Users.
Our care provision is community based and serves areas in and around the West Midlands.

Health & Wellbeing

We work with Service Users, relatives and friends, to ensure the care we deliver is promoting the service user’s positive health and wellbeing.

Support Independence

We will ensure our Service Users are encouraged and supported, to live within their own homes, as independently and as safely as is possible.

Dignity for all

Our service expectations aim to ensure everyone is treated with dignity, kindness, compassion and respect at all times.

Quality training for all our caregivers

We prioritise the quality of our staff, always striving to ensure they have all the skills and experience they need to deliver the care needs of our families.

Excellent care

Excellent Care

We aim to provide excellent care to our Service Users, ensuring their care is planned according to their individual needs and requirements.

transparency and honesty

Transparency & Honesty

We will be transparent, open and honest in all communication concerning our care provision.

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